Top five amazing features of Textile Materials


Main features of textile structures

  1. Resilience and Flexibility

The ability of a material to recover its original shape and size after removal of strain which caused the deformation is known as resilience. Textile structures are visco-elastic in nature and due to this unique feature of visco-elasticity they are resilient and flexible. Unlike traditional engineering materials (TEMs), textile structures are highly resilient and they can spring back to their original state after being crushed or wrinkled. Resilience is also termed as memory. Resilience is a vivid characteristic of most textile structures and it can be expressed as:

Resilience can also be defined as a measure of elastic reversibility. The creep and relaxation properties of both textile fibers and fabrics are directly related to resilience. Primary creep that is recoverable deformation is a function of delayed elasticity which is also an important factor in resilience. While, the secondary creep that is permanent…

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