Neural processing of surface qualities, particularly the glossiness that can be named as “GLOSSINESS PERCEPTION” is discussed in this blog. Last week I wrote about the basics of Japanese concept “shitsukan”. To build a background for those who have missed my last blog I am enclosing a short introduction of this marvelous concept again. During our daily life, we came across many sensations. The sensation or feeling of touch is the one we encounter mostly and very clearly. This sensation helps us recognize the texture (rough or smooth) of the material we are touching immediately and after that our brain tells us the type of material based on its stored sensation vocabulary. This judgement about material perception is called “Shitsukan” In Japan, “which means that how human brains make sense of material quality. Shitsukan (質感) is a Japanese word whose literal meaning is the sense (kan, 感) of quality (shitsu…

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