The Ruling elite, following Goebbels

The most prominent figure in paving the way for Hitler’s rise to power in Germany was Joseph Goebbels. The author of an unpublished thesis, extra emotional personality, could not join the army due to physical disability, sense of deprivation made him a vengeful personality, with great thirst for fame he was a perfect opportunist. Became a disseminator of nationalism. And for the same propaganda he started publishing a nationalist newspaper as an editor. At the age of 27, he joined the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Due to his political temperament, soon became party administrator of the Berlin District.

Hitler believed that Germany’s defeat in World War-I was due to weaker propaganda. Hitler considered “making a mountain out of a mole-hill”and vice versa a very important and useful weapon for political gains. In the form of Goebbels, Hitler not only got an intelligent comrade but also the propagandists who gave a new direction to propagation according to Hitler’s will.
In order to seize power, the Nazi Party, publicly propagated, Germany’s defeat in World-1 due to Jewish conspiracy, and promised to cleanse Germany from Jews. Promised to heal wounds of defeat, German nation was given sweet poison of being the superior race. Goebbels portrayed Hitler as a leader who loves the poor, children and even animals. The Nazi party embarked on a journey to power under the guise of slogans such as German superiority, peace, consciousness, economic development, and the elimination of corruption and traitors.

Under favorable conditions, Adolf Hitler, initially controversial in his own party, emerged as the strongest leader not only in the party but also in the 69 parties in run for power. The German Nazi Party established its government, which emerged as a powerful and authoritarian dictatorship. Just a few months after Hitler’s government was formed, Joseph Goebbels was appointed head of the Ministry of Public enlightenment and propaganda. Government control over the press, radio, theater, film, and literature was strengthened. Anyone who dared to deviate from the Nazi agenda, and respond to the voice of conscience was sent to concentration camp or to face firing squad as an accomplice to the looters or a facilitator of Jewish conspiracies. Goebbels was equally complicit in Hitler’s atrocities and the destruction. Undoubtedly, Hitler’s government was popular in Germany at that time. But this popular and strong government was based on lies, deception and hatred. Therefore, in the span of twelve years, the “anarchy” taught in the name of public consciousness led to a terrible catastrophe not only in Germany but in the whole world. The end of World War II is well known, but the story does not end with Hitler’s suicide and Nazi Germany’s defeat.
Keep in mind the Fascist tactics of the fascist Goebbels and now look at the tactics of the elites who are clinging to power in the present times.
Aren’t they promising false dreams of development same as Goebbels did. Isn’t there unlimited weapons stocks in the name of defense? Isn’t there ever changing fear in name of national security? Does freedom of press is not curtailed in the name of good control? Aren’t principles and all freedoms are violated in the interests of capitalism? Isn’t personal development blocked by holding public opinion hostage? Aren’t nationalism, linguistics and religious hatred, used for specific interests? Aren’t poverty-stricken classes allured? Aren’t poors sold alive and dead?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then let’s remember the fate of the Nazi state and the pioneers of this system. Even after all hopes of fascist victory were dashed, the addiction of lying and deception did not go away. The supporters of the government kept fighting and killing till they started killing themselves. On the last day of Nazi Germany, according to Hitler’s will, Joseph Goebbels became head of state. Among the many Germans who committed suicide that afternoon was Joseph Goebbels and his wife, Magda Goebbels. Before ending their life, killed their six children with their own hands. Leaving behind a horrible lesson.
There was only one Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany. Considering the ugliest lie as the only solution, deception as the best strategy, distorting every fact and using it only for his own and the party’s needs. But today, small groups of his followers are enjoying power over countries. The ruling elites claim to hate fascism, but in pursuit of the same fascist Goebbels, they are driving humanity with hatred, lies and deception. Those who allow every injustice and despise moral values. Don’t they know that systems and parties based on lies, hatred, and deception just decorate scenes of horror and bestiality? If the ruling elite considers total destruction to be the “final destination”, then Goebbels’ policy is the “right” choice.

The ruling elite should remember that peace, development and prosperity were not, are not and wouldn’t be in Goebbels’ policy.

By; Abdul Rehman Umer Advocate

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