“Lies” Our Shield against corona virus


This is not the first time that human race has faced the pandemic. Even before this, several epidemics have affected a large part of the world in different periods The recent corona virus has spread from “patient zero” to more than 200 countries around the globe. In many countries, the virus is spreading at an alarming rate due to collective incompetence. However, in some countries, with strong government efforts and social support, the epidemic has been not only being limited but eradicated.

When the Corona virus reached Pakistan, the government, and the people initially showed some responsibility, which led to significant results in limiting virus spread. But soon the people exhaustion, the fear of the sale season being over, the greed to sell the conspiratorial theories, resulted in circumduction the cautions. Under pressure from various quarters, the government with lack of decision power, adopted an unannounced policy of “herd immunity”…

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