The World before Humans!

As you know It all started with a big bang about 13.7 billion years ago. Only then galaxy clusters and galaxies 🌌 appeared.

A galaxy’s cluster

This was the time when our sun β˜€οΈ came into existence. At that time there were alot of asteroids β˜„οΈ and some of them collided together giving birth to our planet earth 🌎.

An asteroid

After that a young planet called thea collided into earth and then the moonπŸŒ™ was made. Ok my fellas let’s continue our story so some asteroids β˜„οΈ having water with them collided to the earth 🌍 and the earth got its oceans 🌊. After that the single celled algae turned into plants 🌱 and life started on the earth 🌍. Then volcanoes πŸŒ‹ came out of the oceans 🌊 creating lands. This was the triasaic era and dinosaurs πŸ¦– πŸ¦• appeared.

A single celled algae

Oh I see some dinosaurs here like herrerasaurus, Plateosaurus, Lessemsaurus Riojasaurus. Next comes the Jurrassic period during which compsognathus, Archaeopteryx, Huayangosaurus and Cryolophosaurus lived. Then comes the cretaceous period and the big dinosaurs like Ouranosaurus, Carnotaurus, Corythosaurus and the mighty my favorite Argentinosaurus appeared and ruled the earth 🌍.

A carnotaurus
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After the dinosaurs some animals like woolly mammoths 🐘 ,saber tooth 🦷 cats 🐱 appeared and then humans appeared.

A woolly mammoth

Ok πŸ‘ŒπŸ» guys bye bye for now. In my next blog I shall tell you how dinosaurs got extincted and human life started.

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Safari park (Shenzhen). Our family tour. Tiger’s and Lion’s habitat.

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