The Last Wish ۔ ۔

All religions of the world have the concept of heaven and hell.  Man’s destiny after death is one of them. Although some people will not believe this and there is a difference of opinion, but I will continue my point with the theory of heaven and hell.Heaven is the name of happiness and happiness is thousandfold. Perception of happiness is as different as 7 billion people of the world are. Some are happy in noises and voices and some in solitude. So, being an individual,  my happiness also lies in my own will and I want to go to the paradise of my happiness. The express purpose here is to talk to you about this paradise, my paradise.

I wish that after my death I may have a visit of the “Space and Time”.This visit, if I have, would be  such a blessing, such a reward, such an honor that I am ready to give up what else has been promised in paradise. Isn’t it a big sacrifice?

I want to see this universe, completely, in the past, present, and future.I want to see this solar system, four and a half billion years ago, when there was nothing but dust and gas clouds, destined to create our solar system. And then there appeared the sun that flourished the life. The sun that grazed the wheat which turned the man’s roaming life into the life of town and cities.I want to see the sun of that time when there was no planet to see it. When there was no sunrise, no sunset.

I want to see the birth of Jupiter and then the migration of this “godfather” of our solar system to the place where we see it today. I want to see how a wandering  planet named  “Thia” collided with our new born earth and tilted it at such an angle that the earth became a planet with four seasons.I want to see how the moon began to revolve around the earth.I want to see how rivers used to flow on Venus and who knows if there was life there at that time, and then how Venus turned into an kiln.

I want to see how the earth became capable of reaching the point where it generated the first cell of life.  With the passage of time, how a creature came out of the water and then came the streاm of life making Earth a unique planet as far as we know. We know little, though.

I want to see how a moon of  Saturn started to fall toward Saturn and then broke into billions pieces. These billion pieces crowned the Saturn making it the most beautiful planet of our solar system. There is so much to see in this solar system. The moon that throws fountains of water, the storm that revolves on Jupiter, the Pluto that has been discarded by the scientists. 

But my desire for heaven does not end here, I have to swing on a neutron star that revolves seven hundred times in a second and when I get dizzy, I have to rest on a planet nearby, I have to pass a smile to a dwarf star,  I have to watch the making, merging and breaking galaxies, I have to watch the black hole, I don’t intend to go inside it. I am afraid of changing the rules in black hole and losing my paradise. I have to look at the seven maidens chased by a bear, I have to meet the girl who is probably tired of sitting in a chair, I have to stand on the edge of of Milky Way to say hello to Andromeda. I have to ask the North Star to guide me to unknown ways. I have to fly to those ways to see many more things as there is no limit of my paradise.

If I am guaranteed this paradise right now, I am ready to embark on this journey, exactly,  right now. Like Emily Dickinson accompanied Mr. Death, unplanned and unprepared.       

“He slowly drove, we knew no haste، And I had put away        My labour and my leisure too,         For his civility.”   

 Written by: Rao Asif Ibad.



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