Opposition: “It’s the Looted Money, Which Comes First, Not Pakistan.

On 26th August 2020, Opposition Parties, led by PMLN & PPP formally REJECTED the two exteremely important FATF related bills, knowing that these bills were absolutely VITAL to Prevent Pakistan from going in FATF’s Black.

Previously, the opposition demanded behind closed doors, that they’ll ONLY support FATF Bills if PTI supports them in the amendments they proposed in NAB Laws, which could have stopped NAB from investigating literally ALL of their Mega Corruption Cases, making “Accountability”, IMPOSSIBLE.

Since PTI rightly turned down these pathetic demands, PPP/PMLN shamelessly TURNED down the FATF bills, risking the entire future of the State of Pakistan.

Ironically, it was because of the massive Money Laundering & unregulated Financial Polices of PMLN which sent Pakistan in to the FATF Grey List in June 2018 & rather than helping PTI in coming out of it, Sharifs opted to use this matter to protect their Politics & Looted Money.

Due to some critical measures by PTI Govt, FATF retained Pakistan in Grey List in the last two sessions & appreciated Pakistan’s performance. Now its session is in October & India is doing all the Diplomatic Maneuvering to make FATF blacklist Pakistan & God Forbid, if that happens, Pakistan won’t be able to recover from the disaster for decades!

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Both PMLN & PPP exactly knows the severity & seriousness of the matter. Yet, they rejected these crucial bills. This clearly means that for Sharifs & Zardaris, PAKISTAN is NOT a Priority! All they want is to protect their looted money & their politics of corruption.Why would they care if Pakistan goes Bankrupt, all their assets, businesses & even “Iqama Jobs” are abroad.

To be honest, this shameless act makes me wonder, if, like India, opposition parties too want Pakistan to be Blacklisted, for this would give them a golden chance to bash Imran Khan & would ultimately protect them all from Accountability.

PTI Govt now plans to call a “Joint Session of Parliament” to try to pass these bills again. But as PM Imran Khan rightly said, that if Opposition turns them down again, the People of Pakistan should know that Opposition would be responsible for any FATF Disaster.

Its high time, that the supporters of Sharif & Zardari Families re-asses their views & ask themself, that do their loyalities lie with these two families or with Pakistan? Think!

Written by: Ubair Khan
(Facebook: https://rb.gy/es3xsc)

Published with kind permission of Mr. Ubair Khan the original post can be found at the link below...

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