Cheung Chau – The Island you’ll never get enough of

Cheung Chau, directly translated to ‘long island’ is an outlying island in Hong Kong with over 20,000 inhabitants. The Islands’ history could be dated back to the 17th century as a thriving fishing village.

So what to do in Cheung Chau? What the island is most famous for? 3 reasons why you should visit Cheung Chau!

  1. The food are amazing!
  • street foods!

Have you ever heard of Cheung Chau giant fish ball? It comes in different flavours and in different level of spiciness. After you take a bite, you’ll always come back wanting for more. If you’re a fan of spicy food, you could challenge yourself and try the Sichuan Spicy or Spicy curry but if you’re not you could try BBQ and Plum sauce.

  • Seafood Restaurants

One of the things that Cheung Chau is most famous for, SEAFOOD. If you come to Cheung Chau you must try seafood dishes like steamed fish, deep fried crabs and pepper fried squid.

  • snacks and desserts

One of the most iconic part of the island is its non ending vendors of street food, there is the famous Cheung Chau Mango Mochi, mini Eggtarts, frozen fruit slices, shaved iced in different flavours and red bean pastries.

a frozen watermelon
Mango mochi

2. There’s plenty of family fun activities!

  • Beach

Hit the beach and let out some steam! What’s more relaxing than to sit on the beach and listen to children laughing and playing. There is 2 most popular beach in Cheung Chau, one is Tung Wan Beach and the other is Kwun Yam Beach. However, there are other much more quiet and less populated mini beaches waiting for you to discover.

Kwun Yam Beach
  • Cycling

You could also rent a bike and discover the neighbourhood! A bicycle that could be rented for as low as HKD30. There are also a tricycle that could fit about 3 people which could be rented for HKD60. Prices may vary in different rental shops along with for single and family bikes and its condition. ( Note: most bike rental shops closes at 6 or 7 pm)

  • hiking

Of course, there are also basic hiking trails which is easily accessible for the family. Visit the mini great wall! The trail is relatively easy and is mostly paved.

Pak Tai Temple in the Mini Great Wall route
  • camping/ stargazing

If you’re in for a little more fun for the kids you could try booking an overnight staycation at Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park which is an outdoor adventure playground and has themes camps like Native American Teepee and Stargazing Geodesic Dome. Kids could also enjoy unique adventures such as Archery Combat, Bubble soccer, Junior Abseiling and Tree Top Canopy Walk etc. (Note: It could be quite costly though)

  • Visit the Cheung Po Tsai Cave

It has been said that a pirate named Cheung Po Tsai in the 1800s kept his treasures in this natural cave so it would be an interesting spot to explore. However, make sure to have a torch with you since it could be pretty dark inside and remember to be careful with your steps since the way out could be pretty narrow and slippery!

3. The View is Spectacular day and night

  • discover the neighbourhood after sunsets

By sunset, most tourist leave the island while the locals arrive from work. You could stay behind and feel the unique atmosphere of Cheung Chau. Stroll around the main area and you’ll find that the bustling afternoon is completely different from the laid back evening. Day time vendors are also different with night time vendors.

take a stroll in Tai Hing Tai road
Discover the neighbourhoods in Cheung Chau Sai Tai road

How to get to Cheung Chau?

You can ride the MTR and get off at the Hong Kong Station then walk through the IFC mall to the blue bridge that brings you to the pier. After that catch a ferry in the Central Ferry Pier 5!

You can check the ferry schedule and fares at this link.

Cheung Chau Map Guide

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friendly reminder!

-Remember to check covid-19 social distancing rules regarding opening of beaches and other facilities in government websites.

-Remember to check the weather forecast!

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