Smart Glove to work with Future apple Headset.

Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA/USA, secured another Smart gloves patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office with a title of “Knit data Input Glove”. This glove could be used as an accessory for future Apple products.

Most probably this glove is made of knitted fabric, having fingers of the glove with fabric pockets. Sensors such as inertial measurement units may be placed in the pockets to measure movements of a user’s fingers in the glove. The sensors should be able to be coupled to control circuitry in the glove with signal paths in the fabric.

Smart glove by Apple inc.

The conductive yarns are used in the course directoon of the fabric that forms the signal paths runing along each finger. Haptic components and other electrical components are also coupled to the control circuitry using the conductive yarn. The idea is to create a control circuitry within the fabric structure on each side of finger that can use wireless or wired communications circuitry to convey information such as information on user finger movements to external equipment.

The glove works in conjunction with an Apple device like Apple Watch or iPhone. Specialty sensors within the glove could include a blood pressure sensor, a respiration sensor, a heart rate sensor and more. The data is sent from the glove and an iDevice to present results.

Apple may also include other sensors such as health, optical, and/or environmental sensors, actuators for providing haptic feedback and haptic feedback devices.


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