Time travel to the era of Dinosaurs: Part 1

Hi guys, oh! wait what? Why is there a portal in my room? Oh! where am I? What, I am in the jungle. Oh there is a dinosaur, it seems I time travelled in to the era of dinosaurs. Oh this is a microraptor it weighs less than 4lbs it is the smallest dinosaur. This tiny dinosaur has feathers and wings it does not fly but it can glide through the air. This microraptor uses its claws to climb up trees and it glides and stops when it lands on something. It eats meat.

A microraptor

oh! wait, there is another one right next to it. Scientists know very little about this mysterious small dinosaur. This micropachycephalosauraus. It weighs 2.5 to 4.5 kgs. This small dino sneaks around the ground hiding under the leaves it climbs on tree branches to hide under leaves.

A micropachycephalosaurus

Oh! looks like I am in the jurasic peiod now. There is another dino heterdontasaurus. This dino has 3 different kinds of teeth. The teeth in fronth of its mouth are small sharp and pointy. These teeth are good for biting plants. This dino has bigger flatter teeth at the back of its mouth. These teeth are good for chewing. It lived in the early jurasic period. It eats plants.

A heterdontasaurus

Oh so we are going back to cretaceous period now oh this dinosaur is overaptor. This dino looks very much like a chicken. It has feathers. It also laid eggs like all dinosaur. This overaptor makes nest for its eggs. It sits on eggs to protect them. Overaptor does not have teeth and uses its strong jaws to crush food like a lizard ( to be continued).

An overaptor

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