Wool fiber – Mother Nature at its best


Wool and other hair fibers have the most complicated structures of all textile fibers. Wool is composed of a complex blend of proteins and other chemical substances. The thermal and mechanical responses of the fibers are determined by a variety of inter-atomic and inter-molecular bonds and a variety of structural forms. The wool fiber has a slightly and imperfectly elliptical cross section. In this blog, for my readers I intend to write briefly about the vital few advantages of wool fiber over other fibers.

Advantages of Wool Fiber

In addition to the particular tensile and other properties, the special features of structure of wool fiber are crimp, which leads to high bulk and softness, and scales, which lead to felting. Good recovery properties are also beneficial, and especially the regeneration of properties by washing. The structural elements of wool fiber and their specific role in terms of performance are shown…

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