Time travel to the era of dinosaurs part 2

Oh there is another portal. Oh I’m at the sea. There is another dinosaur. It is Pentaceratops it has five horns on its head.Two on top of its eyes another one on its nose. A frill streched between two other horns on top of its head.There are short spikes along the frill.It is a good swimmer and Do you like to swim?It lives in the cretaceous period and it eats plants.

A Pentaceratops

Oh why there is another portal oh so now we are in the triassic period ahhhhhh there is another dino its name is herrerasaurus it is scary this dino can open its mouth very wide its strong teeth can eat meat very easily it has alot of teeth in its mouth this dino uses its teeth to cut its prey into chunks which it could swallow.

A herrerasaurus

Time is going very fast looks like it is the cretaceous period again.the dinosaur in front of me is styracosaurus it has a big horn on its nose and spike along its frill and knobs on its cheeks this dino has an unusual look this dino uses its sharp beak to chop of the plants does the horn on dino ‘s  nose remind of rhino?

A styracosaurus

Ohh there is a time machine now we are at the early cretaceous period this dinosaur is uthahraptor it is scary. when it attacks it jumps up in the air and it kicks very hard and its knife like big sharp claws stabbed its prey its claws are 12 inches long this dino has alot of sharp teeth in its mouth and it is small fast and dangerous and it eats meat (to be continued) 

An Utharaptor

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