Tai Mo Shan : The Highest Peak in Hong Kong

Tai Mo Shan, with about 957 meters or 3,140 feet is the highest peak in Hong Kong. The peak has spectacular views which overlooks the city of Hong Kong and the Shenzhen border. It is also a popular hiking destination to view the sunsets and sunrise or even frosts during the winter.

Hiking details

Tai Mo Shan Road overlooking the weather radar station

The roundtrip hike would take approximately 2-3 hours (depending on how long you take stopping by to take a picture)

The hiking trail is generally moderate as there is road pavements all the way and not that steep.

The hiking distance from the Tai Mo Shan road is about 4km

The hike is family-friendly as it is mostly road that takes you all the way to the top so you could bring a stroller if you have a toddler joining you.

How to get there

  • Take the MTR to the Tsuen Wan Station
  • Go out in exit A and walk to the staircase on your left
  • Take Bus 51
  • Get off in the Tai Mo Shan Country Park stop (The stops are written on the bus screen)
  • Walk to the entrance and start the incredible journey
  • You could choose to take the McLehose trail which consists of some staircase walking up but you’ll end up in the same trail after a few minutes (This is just opposite to the bus stop)
  • The Tai Mo Shan road is mostly a road and is much easier to hike but be aware of the vehicles that is constantly passing by (For this entrance you’ll have to walk back a few more walks as the bus stop passed it)

You could also take a taxi and drive you all the way to the peak so it decreases your travel time but you would have to get off when you reach the barricaded area and would still need to walk if you want to reach the top of the peak. ( The walk would be about 30-40 minutes)

Reminder: The bus schedule is different on weekends and weekdays.

  • On Mondays – Fridays: 1 hour’
  • On Saturdays – Sunday and Public holidays: 20 minutes

You could return via the same route and take bus 51 back to Tsuen Wan station


  • Remember to bring an extra clothing to keep you warm as it could be quite windy
  • Bring sufficient water
  • Remember to check the weather before the hike (choose a day that have less mist as it could decrease the visibility of the view)
  • Check the travel schedule for the bus
  • If you have the time, you could stay til sunset and watch the incredible changing of the colours of the sky.


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