What is Screen dependency disorder (SDD) in kids and Screen time?

Screen time is the time during which your child uses electronic gadget like tablet,mobile phone,TV and laptop .
Excessive use could be very harmful for the health (physical and mental ) of your kids and can lead to screen dependency disorder (SDD).
Kids who spend most of their time on these electronic gadget may have speech disorder, sleep disorder, vision problems irritable behaviour, they become antisocial and have communication issues and adopt a sedentary life style which further brings health issues like obesity with it’s associated complications.
According to American Academy of Peditrics (AAP) the time frame for different age group are as follows
-Upto 2 years of age screen time duration should be zero.
-Upto 2-5 years of age screen time duration should be 1 hour/day in presence of parents. -Above 6 or elder screen time duration should be 2-3 hours/day.
Take home message from above facts is for better physical and mental health of our kids please do reduce screen time n engage them in more physical activities rather than excess usage of these electronic devices and gadgets.

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