What is best time to start weaning?

Weaning is introduction of solid food in your baby diet apart from milk( breast milk or infant formula ). Also known as “complementary feeding “
It’s very important to start weaning so that your baby meet requirements of nutrients necessary for their growth requirements.
Now question arises when to start weaning ? The answer is to introduce solid food from 6 months of age.
For preterm babies usually we start weaning early but do consult your pediatrician in case of premature infants.
Introduce a single food at a time to see torelability and to spot any allergic reaction to certain foods like food that contains Gluten like wheat,barley , rye etc.
Food should be in mashed,blended or soft cooked form to avoid choking and made easier for baby to swallow .
Make sure cooked food is cooled well before offering to your baby .if your baby refuse at first try again it might be normal this behavior initially. Don’t force them to eat,if your baby squeeze his teeth or turns his head away stop giving food it may a sign of satiety.
If your baby tolerate the food continue offering that food.
Try to avoid offering same food daily and introduce different food to develop different taste.
Weaning is an important step of conversion from baby diet to adult diet and success depends upon all what we discussed earlier . So make sure theses things so that this process should be successful to meet your baby increasing demand of nutrients as he/ she grows up.

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