Loot! But, in our favorite way

I watched a video of a recent incident in Karachi. Two young men wearing masks approached the delivery boy. One of them hurriedly pointed pistol on the delivery boy. According to the order, the delivery boy handed over a few hundred rupees in his pocket and a mobile phone. Since the delivery boy was a student and started the delivery work by taking help from the family and friends. Therefore, in this sudden situation, his dreams, and the hopes of his family, flow into tears. An interesting situation arose when the oncoming looters were trapped by these tears. Not only did they returned his money and mobile phone, but also hugged and encouraged him and said, “Dude, after all, we also have a heart.”

Many onlookers took pity on the looters. But too this act as their foolishness and incompetence. Coming to such an event is extremely dangerous. Many times these people are arrested on suspicion. When the people surround them, often beat to death. Risk of being arrested or killed is also there. Even if the act is successful and got a few thousand rupees, the fear of being caught does not allow them to take rest. Sooner or later they fall into the hands of the police. If matters are not settled with the police, torcher and bonus of unsettled criminal cases is their reward.
The incompetence of the looters has its place, but being a Pakistani, I choose to convey the advice and the people’s choice to be looted. If these people want to make looting their career. It is important to adopt a “professional” approach. If looters promise to take this advice seriously the people and the police obedience is gauranteed. So, dear Incompetent looters, sooner or later you are sure to fall into the hands of the police. It would be better to learn from the experiences of others.

Think of the arrest as part of “training.” And carefully memorize the gauranteed formula for getting the job out of the police. Because police culture is the first couch to your “professional success.” This is the police who will take you to the next training center, the court. Learn from the outdated system of law to make it easier for yourself and to dig pits for others. The court will order your departure to the next destination, the jail. Instead of reforming or becoming a useful citizen in prisons, one gets to learn all the things like corruption, bribery, looting, brutality. Here the habitual offender and the prison staff take care of your training. And by looking at the qualifications, the prison staff also teaches art of becoming frontman and money extorter very well. Within a few days, the prison environment removes the hatred and fear associated with crime.

Now, if the decision to become a “career” in looting is final. For which you have also received the necessary training, so please leave your incompetence. Prepare yourself to make a name for yourself in this looting system. If you don’t have hereditary resources, start your journey as a panchayati, public servant, journalist, and social leader. Become an “all-rounder” for the public. Be the messiah of the people trapped in police stations, courts and departmental complexities. Abjure of small, looting. Adopt professional looting etiquette. In countries like ours, the political arena is most conducive to large-scale looting. Get out of formalities like fear of God, voice of conscience, ideology and human compassion. Become Genghis Khan for poor and drudge for powerful. Learn to worship your own interests. Become a spectator instead of being spectated. Soon your coin will run in the police and court. Statements full of public sympathy, whether you gave it or not, will continue to adorn the newspapers. Keep sowing the seeds of promise. Also allure the public as required. Be patient and wait your turn. If you don’t want to wait for your turn, join the expected ruling party as the elections approach. Receive your price in full when there is a chance. If you are in the opposition party, strongly criticize the incompetence of the government. And if you come to power, defend the same mismanagement. As much as you will speak arrogantly and aggressively for your party. Your market value will increase. There will be plenty of opportunities for looting. But here the chances of being caught before the incident are zero Even if the looting is caught, there will be an opportunity to bury with resources. On a starter wise noise, the Prime Minister will take notice, a committee will be formed, ruthless accountability, recovery of looted wealth and determination will be announced. There will be announcements of dragging on the streets, tearing people’s stomachs and withdrawing people’s money, bringing back looted money from abroad. But there is no need to panic over such announcements, as the political battle is always fought in the prescribed manner. The ruling party will apply as much pressure as it can bear. Ignore the news in the media at all. General public go so far as to kill a person who steals a hundred rupees. But by adopting this looting technique you will see that a large number of people will become your spokespersons. Divided into two groups, will have heated discussions. Your supporters will give out the looting of opponents for your defense. There will be noise, but your accolade will be heard. And last but not least, that you looters have three types of looting options, because it’s one of the only three ways to do this. And there are plenty of fans of these three methods. The fans who are always ready to fight and die for you. The first and most tried and tested method is to eat together, the second most popular method is to work if you want to loot. The third popular and modern method is to loot, and allow to loot and tell the people later.

It is natural that due to excessive looting you become sensitive. If you feel that the atmosphere in the country is depressing, then go to Dubai or London till the next election. Return as Messiah when you deem appropriate. You will find these people with weak memory awaiting you. These advises are given in good faith. The only purpose is to adopt a publicly acceptable “professional” approach to looting. Don’t risk your life for a few thousand rupees. Let looting run its course. Don’t show roadside fake hero movie like scenes for cheap fame. So that the system of looting, and more looting, works the same way. I strongly hope that incompetent looters will use common sense. And will facilitate the people to loot as much as they want. Our history testifies that people were not convinced of any salvation. Nor are there are signs of the future hope. Yes, taking advantage of the election, the people continue to use the vote to change the way to be looted.

This is the reason why the plunderers are advised and public preferred way is conveyed.

By; Abdul Rahman Umer Advocate

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